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Optiplex 9020 small FF - MEBx is missing "User Consent" entry

We have a few Optiplex 9020 small Form Factors running Windows 10. - When I attempt to VNC into the AMT I get challenged for a 2FA "User Consent Code". Normally, we turn this feature off in the MEBx, as often we need to access a users machine at a remote location after hours when there is no one there.

The majority of our machines are Optiplex 7050's, and they have an entry in the MEBx called "User Consent", and we can configure that to "User Opt-in" = "KVM" and "Opt-in Configurable" = Enabled". With these features set, we are able to VNC into these machines without being challenged with 2FA.

On the Optiplex 9020's, the "User Consent" entry is missing in MEBx, and there does not appear to be any way around having these machines challenging us for the 2FA User Consent Code. The BIOS is at the latest version of A24.

MEBx is v9.0.0.0029, &  ME v9.1.45.3000

Is there a newer MEBx that can be installed that will give us back the "User Consent" option, so that we can log in without 2FA?

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Re: Optiplex 9020 small FF - MEBx is missing "User Consent" entry

Is your system provisioned in Client-Control mode, or in Admin-Control mode?  You cannot disable it in Client Control mode.  Here is some documentation on it which may or may not be helpful.


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