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Optiplex, Cloning to SSD made easy!

This requires a NIFTY Adapter that connects your NEW SSD to your OPTIPLEX USB external port ~ HOPEFULLY a 3.0 connection but 2.0 also works too... it's just slower!

"Online" these Adapters start at about $4 from China... about $7 to $9 if you want it sooner from a US seller.  I do not recommend the Adapters with *TWO USB Connectors... a single connector is the better choice.

The Adapter looks like this:   NOTE:  2 Adapters are shown. only ONE is needed (sorry that second photo won't delete)...



Search for:  USB 3.0 To SATA 22 Pin 2.5" Laptop Hard Disk Drive SSD Adapter Cable Converter

This Adapter Supports 2.5" Drives ONLY.  I have used the adapter with SATA 2.5" (non-SSD) drives with no problems.  Two tiny LEDs show power on and data action on the adapter.

BONUS You can also do TOTAL SYSTEM BACKUPS with this Adapter and a detachable SSD or 2.5" SATA Drive...  Connect the Adapter and Drive and power-up.  Select as "BACKUP DRIVE"...  SUPER easy.

NOTE:  IF you are upgrading to SSD I highly recommend that you DEFRAG your current hard drive now.  DO NOT DEFRAG if you are upgrading from a SSD drive to a NEW SSD.

IF your SSD is smaller (in capacity) than your current drive,  AOMEI PARTITION ASSISTANT (I use V7.5.1).  AOMEI WILL do that job for you ~ a few other programs will too.  

"AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard" is FREE, but I'm not sure about Cloning to a smaller drive?  That may cost for the full program?  Find FREE AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard here:


Easily create a BOOTABLE USB DRIVE with the handy "Wizard"  that is included.  AOMEI is not the fastest gun in the west, but it does the job accurately ~ because the last thing we want is data loss or a drive that won't boot.  AOMIE can also boot from CD  (also made via the supplied "Wizard"), but the CD is much slower to load.

** NO NEED to open up your System now... you can Clone with the SSD connected outside of the case!  

Connect your Adapter and USB Flash Drive... Now as you power-up... ready for your BIOS Screen, then select 'Boot from USB'  AOMEI makes CLONING Super-easy!  Often "F12" will get you to that option quickly... 

After Cloning power-down and disconnect your adapter and SSD.  Now open your case and your swap drives out.  IF  you SALT your original drive away as a backup or 'vault', you will have access to your original files and data in case of emergency!

If you hurry you can get a ADATA Ultimate SU650 2.5" 240GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive for $26.99 ... ships free from California!  



Note:  I also tried the Adapter that has 2 USB Male connectors with a 5 1/2" SATA, but even with 2 USB connectors the Adapter didn't provide enough power/current to spin that drive up.

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