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Optiplex, in depth BIOS/AUDIO/VIDEO information

Appears to be 189+ Messages and discussions (lots of other messages about MANY other systems), but one can 'search' for DELL OPTIPLEX  ...to see the OPTIPLEX info on BIOS, Audio Boot issues and much more... Questions and Fixes... most are rather technical... you decide!  (Accepts 'Google Icon Access' if you don't want to register)...

Search Results for Query: DELL optiplex

I hope the above link works for you... or you can try this direct link to the entire site:



Don't forget the .net if you go manually...  Enjoy!


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Re: Optiplex, in depth BIOS/AUDIO/VIDEO information

I'm try to connect a SSD Drive to my DELL 380 Optiplex desktop I have no Sat 2 set up. Any help will be appreciated


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Re: Optiplex, in depth BIOS/AUDIO/VIDEO information

Your question was so worthy that I thought SOLUTIONS should be found easily by everyone... 

Please know your question MAY be answered in my new post entered at 2AM today!  If I would have replied to your question here, but I feared GOOD OPTIONS and answers might be buried, making them difficult to find?  

I hope you don't mind?

Please search this OPTIPLEX Community for:

"Want a SSD but have no "Third SATA Port"? Options here!."

I hope you find your RESOLUTION there and I thank you for your inspiration...


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Re: Optiplex, in depth BIOS/AUDIO/VIDEO information

no case sizes stated  so no motherboard format can';t be known lacking that, (MT, DT or SFF sized case)>>??? and no end goal or final configuration stated.

what SSD is it , sell exactly what SDD, model and size is always best.

the only clue I have here is  have no Sat 2 set up ,  does that mean SATA2 port or port #2? SATA

the former is speed and the latter is SATA port jack.

my wild guess is you have SATA 0 and 1 ports only and not the 3 jack called sata 2 (ordinal counting used)

I can tell you  for a fact if you searched at dell this answer is here.  and many times.

first read this, the tech guide.


read page 12, the SFF ONLY HAS 2 times SATA ports (SATA-III speed)

so if you have 1 port used you must remove the 2nd port cable, from the DVD drive the SFF had and optional Slim line DVD drive if your is that, then remove it and use external DVD USB for $15 sold on fleabay, most folks today 2019 have no use with DVD at all. a dying tech for sure, just like VHS died.

if your SDD fails tell what it does and what you are attempting,

hdd 0- removed and replacing with SSD 0

or adding a 2nd drive, SSD< as a data only driver.

we do not know what you are attempting or the END Goal; unstated by you but the above  helps .

good luck to you and all using old dell PC.s




I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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