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Remote control of HTPC

Hey guys!

I built an HTPC using a 3020 and would like to remote control it using my E6540.

The 3020 is using Windows 10, while the 6540 is at 7.

Can I use remote desktop to mirror the desktop?

If not what can I use?

I would like to control the 3020 while the screen is visible on the TV and in use.

So if I select a video to watch on remote desktop, it will display on the HTPC.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Remote control of HTPC

If you don't like Remote Desktop you can use UltraVNC.

You can even use TeamViewer in a pinch, but I hear they are cracking-down on (constant) free-use.

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Re: Remote control of HTPC

GOTO MY PC  or LOGME IN are popular but not free.

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Re: Remote control of HTPC

Is there a utility for Windows to login remotely? For support?


TESLA: You did an HTPC with a PI type micro computer?

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