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SSD SATA should NOT be number 4

Some of our colleague told me their data stored on external HDD were lost after deploying Windows on Image on it. This has never happen in the past when we use older computers. We have figured it out the SATA of SSD was 4 and the HDD was at 0 and there is no way to change it. There is only 0,1,2 SATA switchable.

The deployment system always check disk by SATA order and it ended up selecing the external HDD and wiped ALL data. There is no way to change drive before it starts deploying. Changing disk order in BIOS doesn't help

We know this is our fault but we never know that until we deploy Windows on it again.

This is a big mistake Dell have made. SSD SATA should be number 0 while others should be 1,2,3. If it's always at 4, the SSD will never be checked first by the softwares or deployment system. We will avoid buying 7040 in the future.

We now had to unlock the case and remove the SATA cable of external HDD before deploying from now on.

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