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Samsung 960evo nmve not showing in Optiplex 7020 bios


I have a Optiplex 7020 that I wanted to upgrade with a fast ssd.

Since the 7020 has a pci-e x4 slot, a M.2 PCI-e x4 for a NMVE SSD seemed the best option.

I bought an Asus M.2 adaptor and a Samsung 960evo.

I used Windows Media Creator to create a usb installation drive with Windows 10 for a fresh installation. 

In Bios, I switched from legacy to UEFI. 

Strangely enough, the NMVE did NOT show in Bios under boot sequence.

But it DOES show in System Info - PCI as Mass Storage.

Disconnected the SATA hard drive.

Booted from the UEFI USB, Windows 10 installation shows the ssd drive, format, install - lightning fast.

Reboot: harddisk not found!

In Boot Sequence, still no nmve ssd and/or Windows Boot Manager. 

Secure boot is disabled.

I have the latest bios A13. 

This chipset is UEFI and should support NMVE. 


Any suggestions??


(And if it is a bios thing - whom at Dell do we need to approach to turn this on? ??

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