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Upgrade fans on a 3020 SFF

Are there any fans compatible to upgrade the existing ones on a 3020 SFF (i5-4590)? If yes, what are my options?

It would be nice if coulb be made a tad more silent as the specific unit receives server duties.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Good morning. I have an update.

Purchased a used i7-4790K and tried it. The MBD BIOS recognized the CPU, I was able to enable Hyperthreading, all fine. Except... CPU core temps skyrocketed to 95 degrees C on startup, and that copper core fan/heatsink and case fan *roared* at max speed during stress testing, somehow managing to keep the core temp just short of 100 C. I would've had a quick thermal shutdown with the original heatsink. I unintentionally tested many of the thermal protections, including the limitations of the Optiplex thermal profile, and backed out before I did damage to the CPU. Replaced the i5-4590, all good on the desktop. Since i7-4790's were in the field on these Optiplex office machines which are being resold widely, I don't think I'll have the same problem with that one.

This was a success *only* in that I didn't kill the processor. Now I must test E-Bay's return policy...


Update redux: <Profanity removed>. Even a 20 year veteran of the business can make a mistake. I read on an Alienware thread regarding  a CPU cooling upgrade that sudden spikes in CPU temperature are an indicator of insufficient heat transfer and poor application of thermal grease. Sure enough, when I pulled the heatsink after my misadventure, I found I had been *too* conservative in my application of Kryonaut, and less than patient tightening the heatsink evenly- not all of the contact surface was covered. Remedied when I replaced the i5-4590. Offered as a humility check and a lesson. 

Good news is that the vendor and Ebay accepted my return. A Core i7-4790, standard version, will come in time. An overclockable K processor will be forever underutilized on a MBD that will not allow overclocking. I still think the J9G15 fan/heatsink will be up to the task of cooling the Core i7-4790K processor. I had to remind myself *why* I purchased this machine on the cheap. It is not a gamer- it is the primary home/home office computer here, and it needs to run without calling attention to itself (any IT Helpdesk veteran will tell you what their life is like when that happens).

Peace, and I wish you the safest holiday possible.


I'm going to upgrade my 3020 SFF with one of these. Thanks for pointing it out.


I found a new J9G15 assembly on eBay, brand-new with thermal paste applied. It's been paired with a 4690 CPU.

It's working well so far.


do the J9G15 reduce temps better than all aluminum heatsink?

have you tested it during gaming?


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