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Upgrading a Dell Ooptiplex 7010

Thinking of buying an OptiPlex and adding these parts:

New CPU: Intel Core i5-3570
GPU: AMD RX 580 
Extra RAM: ATech 3x4gb DDR3

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nice post don,,  and all true,

the POSTER failed (it's ok, no really) many ways, let me show how to do this right.

Is this a dumpser diving budget? $0 usd? or $100 burning hold in pocket,

  • poorest man in the world ($1 day is that, for billions www)  post your PURSE what is your BUDGET.?
  • then what GAME do you want to play, none stated, (Solitaire(MS) or dukenukem 1984 or , AAA+ $60 gamess) please name one game so we can be on the same page,ok?
  • IS 3-0FPS ok,  frames per second ok?  or do you game online?> not stated. and matters.
  • PCs are engines, and what you do with it matters, intent, and  gaming means zero me. see ? zip.
  • your shopping and not upgrading yet so, any PC is at hand world wide to buy ,10,000 models.  yah
  • does poor mean shipping costs are off the table.,if yes what country do you reside /? (local pick us is cheaper)
  • are you willing to  lower 3D textures and more to let fast 3D hogging, games run kinda ok on $30GPU card?
  • Do you run w10 -64bit (means have license ready)?
  • If in USA, did you go to Goodwill(tm) stores, yet and look first? or look on CRAIGS?  wow can be good.
  • or consider a gaming console,  look ma, no PC.
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why go that old,  why not buy a haswell base PC  used,  far far better .gen4 CPU, should be your lower limit.!!

7010 MT are you buying MT PCs, you should for dependability, max. not stated by you yet.

get 3020MT or 9090 MT (year 2013)  IS first year to consider , the haswell year up., 32GB ram 2x more.

that is MY OPINION.

GO GEN4,(or up)



@savvy2Lots of posts.

I dont remember huge performance increase between Ivy Bridge and Haswell in most scenarios. The 7010 MT and DT support more than 16GB, AFAIK the 3570 supports up to 32GB - same as its successor the 4670.

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why go less than this.  IDK but gee....

just be sure it has RAM and CPU inside, and even no HDD is best, and put in SSD, 128GB, $20 x300s ? cheap

buy with NO DOA guaranteed, do not buy with stripped mobo. and i5 up onboard.

dells do last,  nice light alum. case , lower ship cost, major.

change to new coin cell day 1. RTC coin, most these guys always ship with dead COIN (died packed in stock)

mostly the risk is all shipping damage,  the best sellers to expanded foam packing (and amazing quality)


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Hi again @poorest man in the world,

Many 7010's come with I5's and I7's.  Whether you shop eBay, Amazon, Walmart.com, newegg, or etc., just include the CPU you want in your search term.

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I'm a big fan of Dell, a Dell user, and not an employee. This forum is user to user with occasional assistance by other Rockstars or Dell employees.

I’m running a 7010 with the i7, 32 Gb RAM (upgrade the firmware and it works fine), 1Tb SSD, and a 750 ti.

I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do play Far Cry 5 and GTAV and they run just fine.

I’m looking to upgrade to as much (old) GPU as I can.  What’s a good fit and what PSU do I need to run it?  I hear people run the 1050 GPU without a PS upgrade?  I don’t mind upgrading the PSU for a little more graphics performance.

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Recently, I upgraded from a Dell Optiplex 790 to a Dell Optiplex 7010MT.

Here is what I installed successfully into my Dell Optiplex 7010MT:

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro ‘For Workstations’ - (For Extra Features.)

SSD Drive 


CPU - i7-3770K (can handle 1440p live streaming) (Can also handle 4K ultra HD @60fps on a 55inch Vizo tv) 

GPU - MSI Radeon AMD RX580 8G OC ( I haven’t tried upgrading to a higher gpu than the RX580 yet, but I’m certain that you can get a fair amount-more of gpu performance by trying the next level up from the RX580, and then also by upgrading the RAM to 1600 instead of having 1333mhz. )

Side Note: ( The i7-3770K CPU seems to process information faster than the GPU of the RX580. So, my advice is to find a GPU that is equally fast if not faster than the I7-3770K CPU ).

End Result: Success. Fully operational and a monster of a computer. 


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