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command update-- what port/site does it connect to to retreive updates?

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Re: command update-- what port/site does it connect to to retreive updates?

guess I will reply to my own question as I cant seem to edit my own post... We are locked down here for content on the interwebs. Since then, its been random wheter DCU works. It ALWAYS seems to work if I use a "external" line. Just curious if anyone knew where it was connecting to get its updates? that way we can make an exception to let it
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Dell command update-- dell-command-deploy-driver-packs-for-enterprise


Enterprise Users usually download entire Driver Cab files.

Below you will find Driver CABs for Dell Enterprise class systems (Latitude, Optiplex, Precision) to be used to simplify OS deployments on those systems with deployment tools like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM) or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). System CABs for Venue, XPS, Latitude, Optiplex, and Precision Workstations - are designed for deployment to a single model and are developed and supported by Dell

WinPE CABs are designed to provide required drivers for WinPE to boot a Dell Latitude, Optiplex, or Precision Workstation for the purpose of OS Deployment.

Family Driver Packs are designed for deployment to multiple models and are developed and supported by the Dell Configuration Services.

The links below will provide additional details on the CABs and a link to download.

If you are new to Dell Driver CABs, please check out the .CAB File Documentation and Walk-Throughs

You can also access the System CABs from Select Drivers & Downloads, and enter the system model. You will find the supported driver .cab file in the "Systems Management" section under "Driver Pack".

Automate your driver management by leveraging the Driver Pack Catalog.

Driver CAB's are grouped by product family and are listed with the most recent products at the top.

The Driver CABs are updated based on a release schedule which updates newer systems more frequently. New CAB download pages will include Delta Reports on what has changed in the CAB.

If you still have questions, check out the Deployment FAQ page or our discussion forums.

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