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cpu upgrade

I have a dell optiplex 755 usff. I was wondering if i could upgrade my cpu.

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Ultra Small Form Factor Computer Specifications 
Microprocessor type The following are supported:
Intel® Core™2
Intel vPro™
Intel Celeron®

If your bios is uptodate, your 755 USFF can support core2 quad cpu such as Q6600 or Q9550.  the top cpu is core 2 Quad Q9650.

755 bios is not model form factor specific.  same bios applicable to MT/DT/SFF and USFF.


Optiplex 755 Tech Guide 

The 755 USFF wasn't made for 95w C2Q's (core 2 quads).  While the PSU may  be able to power it, cooling and/or compatibility issues could result.


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