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model Gx 330 support the video card GTX 1070?

Hello friends,

I want to know if model Gx 330 Core 2 Duo 1gb Ddr2 Hd80gb support the video card GTX 1070?

I have a unused GTX 1070 card and I do not want to leave it unused, and a friend is selling a Dell GX330 cpu. Before buying from him the CPU I prefer to check if the CPU will support GTX 1070.

A hindrance I believe to be the proprietary Bios of Dell, and I do not know if this model supports UEFI, does anyone know to answer these details?


Photos to facilitate to recognize the model:pc-cpu-dell-gx330-torre-core-2-duo-1gb-ddr2-hd80gb-leitor-D_NQ_NP_509011-MLB20450982443_102015-O.png






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Re: model Gx 330 support the video card GTX 1070?

Not likely EVER.  The Video slot is short and only 1 slot wide.

So there are physical as well as electrical problems.

Desktop NON MINI TOWER Models also have low profile slots.

Low Profile GTX 1030 is max for this model. UEFI vs Class 1 bios is not an issue.



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Re: model Gx 330 support the video card GTX 1070?

You'd bottleneck the CPU if you use that thing. I'd say forget about it.


I do not work for dell. I am also a user.

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