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Data Domain Boost Data Types for Avamar

Prior to DD Boost, Avamar clients could only send data to an Avamar Data Store or Avamar Virtual Edition. With the DD Boost Library integrated in Avamar clients, the Avamar client can send unique data segments directly to the Data Domain system. 

Avamar clients use a multi-stream approach to send the below specific data types that are better suited to high-speed inline deduplication to Data Domain systems:

Oracle database

Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange,




In addition, the Avamar client use single stream to send the below data types to Data Domain:


VMware Image

All other data types are still sent to the Avamar Data Store.  This enables users to deploy the optimal approach to deduplication for different data types and manage the entire infrastructure from a single interface. This ‘best of both worlds’ approach to deduplication consolidates management and dramatically reduces backup windows and network traffic as well as backup storage required.

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