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How would you order value propositions from EMC and others?

I'm reading and excellent paper (sorry it's internal) about the value propositions EMC offers to customers. The four values, listed in order, are:

  1. Protect
  2. Optimize
  3. Virtualize
  4. Cloud Enable

Protect: help businesses protect their Oracle databases and applications through more efficient backup and faster recovery. In my experience this is always rates high with DBAs.

Optimize: optimize performance of Oracle database and applications through technologies that require no additional DBA complexities, total transparent to the database and braodly avaliable to all business applications.

Virtualize: achive outstanding efficiency and performance with virtualizing Oracle databases and applications.

Cloud Enablement: Software as a Service (Saas) via the cloud.

The question that tickles my mind is are these value propositions 'in line' with the Oracle community? In talking about these topics to customers, my experience indicates that these values are of great interest to businesses and customers. New exciting technology like EMC vPlex with Oracle RAC touches upon all the four catagories above. If you had to order these value propositions, how would you reply? Are there any 'missing' values?

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