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Came across a site that I used to visit frequently while at my previous employer, and wanted to share this with you all..

The Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark kit provides for the independent measurement of performance and scalability of Oracle Applications (EBS, PSFT, Siebel) using both online (common UI flows) and batch (Order Management & Payroll processes). The test kit uses a combination of Oracle's own Oracle Application Testing Suite and HP's Mercury LoadRunner

Check this link to review information on the benchmarks run on a single instance R12 (batch) benchmark, with Cisco UCS B200 M3 servers and a VNX 5300 !!

AWR data for this test is also provided here

Note : Other vendors are also represented here as well..

Also interesting is the following :

The Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark Council is made up of representatives from various hardware companies, Oracle Product Development, and Oracle Product Line groups. Members have access to the latest marketing and technical information related to the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark. For more information, please send e-mail to

Do we (EMC) have representation on the council ? Might be worth looking into.. (Used to work with the Oracle representatives on this council closely)..


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Re: Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark..


When I was with the Global Solutions Organization (back in the day), we did have some involvement with OASB. I am not sure if we ever actually published a benchmark result, though. I know that we did use OASB extensively to validate some solutions. Kevin Closson would know more. I will forward your discussion to him.