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Oracle Tablespace I/O High Avg Read(ms) in AWR

We're in the process of migrating to ExtremIO for our Oracle upgrade (AIX 7.1 lpar); I am seeing extremely high Avg Read(ms) in the AWR reports for several of the tablespace/datafiles, for example:

TablespaceReadsAv Rds/sAv Rd(ms)Av Blks/Rd1-bk Rds/sAv 1-bk Rd(ms)% Opt ReadsWritesWrites avg/sBuffer WaitsAv Buf Wt(ms)

Not seeing this on our current VMAX system it's migrating from - any good advice appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Oracle Tablespace I/O High Avg Read(ms) in AWR

Thanks for posting the question. A few observations:

  • load appears light but need the timeframe for more analysis
    • Average of 2 reads a second on PSINDEX
    • Average of 1 read per second on GLLARGE & PSIMAGE2

Ideas for more analysis:

  • We can review the AWR reports to get more of an accurate picture
    • Please contact sam.lucido@emc.com if we can help. I'll work with you on having an Oracle expert provide more analysis.
  • Work with the XtremIO storage administrator for storage analysis including other hosts on the same ports
  • If virtual and using VMware vSphere then check with the VMware administrator
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