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Oracle on x86 Linux Volume Manager considerations

Hello Everybody,

in my Company we started a Project to migrate our Oracle Databases from SUN M9K with Solaris to x86 Architecture and LINUX (RHEL), at the moment our db Team prefers ASM als Volume Manager, but i see some Problems especaily with things like Snapshots and Clones, Snapshotbased Backup (new Feature VMAX3 with Data Domain) etc.....

I hope there is someone here, who has done the same and can give me some advice. From my point of view i can use LVM, maybe Veritas and ASM on Linux. Maybe you could explain to me what Volume Manager on Linux you use, and why and when use ASM how you handle for example a Snapshot before a Database Upgrade to have a Point in Time Copy for Rollback.



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Re: Oracle on x86 Linux Volume Manager considerations


If you check the EMC Proven Oracle Solutions Library, you will see that the majority of our block based solutions are Oracle Database on Linux using Oracle ASM.

In addition worth reading is EMC SYMMETRIX VMAX USING EMC SRDF/TIMEFINDER AND ORACLE  which, amonst other things,  gives guidance on layiing ASM Diskgroups for local and remote storage replication and taking RMAN backups from snaps and clones. An updated version for VMAX3 is due to be published soon.

If you are considering using ProtectPoint in your environment, I would recommend speaking to your account representative in the first instance.