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Paul Maritz Out as CEO

Paul Maritz is stepping down as CEO of VMware and Pat Gelsinger might be taking over for him. Read all about it at Silicon Angle.

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Re: Paul Maritz Out as CEO

This change in VMware's high-level organization has huge implications for VMware's Oracle business. Paul Maritz was former Microsoft (14 years) and was responsible for building Microsoft's Office product. That made him too Microsoft-Centric for my taste. Under Maritz, VMware very successfully penetrated the Microsoft space (fully 50% of Exchange servers are now virtualized). However, internal leadership within VMware in what we affectionately term the "BCA" space (stands for Business Critical Applications, which includes things like Oracle) has been somewhat lacking.

With Pat Gelsinger, I have high hopes that BCA, and particularly Oracle, will get the attention it deserves from VMware.

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