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Planning OVM 3.1.1 DRP using SAN with Clariion

Dear collegues,

We are trying to test a DR Plan for our OVM 3.1.1 installation. Oracle published a excellent pdf that explain how to implement.

This doument remarks that at storage level is extremely important and crucial that the storage replication solution relicates WWID of the LUN, and the replicated LUN preserves the WWID from the original. The document says exactly:


"Each disk (LUN) has two numbers associated with it: a UUID and WWID. Oracle VM creates devices

special files using the WWID (worldwide ID); the device special file names can be seen in the Oracle

VM Manager whenever you select and expand the view for a physical disk under the Storage tab. The

device names are usually something like /dev/mapper/360a9800056724433565a6d56304b336b"


"It is extremely important that the software used

to replicate the physical disks across data

centers copy 100% of the disk metadata blockfor-

block to ensure the WWID for each disk is

exactly the same for both sites"

So, at this point I'm very confused because we use MirrorView to replicate LUN between CX3 storage. After doing some test we saw that the /dev/mapper/xxxxx presented by remote site is diferent.

Does anybody know how we can replicate LUN (MirrorView), and preserve the WWID? I'm turning crazy with that and is the only thing that we need to have DRP working.

I will be very appreciated is somebody can help us.

Best Regards!!!

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