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T2 Systems using EMC Solutions

T2systems.pngT2's Upgrades using EMC VSPEX

VSPEX Proven Infrastructure Transforms data center

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VSPEX and Data Domain at T2

T2 is a hosting company that now has over 200 customers on best-in-class enterprise IT equipment and software. Checkout this blog "Exciting Upgrades to T2's Hosting Environment" by Grant Dawson who does a great job taking the reader through how upgrades have improved performance within T2's data center. At T2 they upgraded their storage to an EMC VNX series SAN (Storage Area Network) complete with over 57 TBs of raw storage. Using the VNX storage array T2 Systems provides Software-as-a-Service technology solutions to private customers and municipal parking facilities, universities, and airports. Use this link for a great graphic that showcases how T2 implemented EMC solutions and the resulting benefits: T2 Systems on EMC VSPEX.

It's interesting how timing sometimes plays a key role in our work. For example, I blogged about the new Multicore FAST Cache in this blog: Next Generation VNX - Oracle Database Storage Performance. At T2 the VNX storage array configuration included 170 x 10K SAS drives and 15 x 100 GB Solid State Drives (SSD). Those SSD drives are used with FAST Cache to boost the storage performance and the results are amazing: Oracle transaction volumes increased by 5 times and 80% of the database transactions were processed on the SSD drives. In my blog is a new case study that show Oracle database wait times for storage events like 'db file sequential read' dropping from 18.88 milliseconds down to 1.52 milliseconds a 91% performance increase. Most importantly the number of flash drives needed to drive this type of performance is relatively small: in the Oracle case study it was 5 x 200GB drives and at T2 Systems 15 x 100GB SSD drives. It is fun to showcase how 1500 GB of SDD using FAST Cache in the VNX storage array improves performance for 80% of the database transactions. 

Many times customer stories are the best way to show solutions.

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Re: T2 Systems using EMC Solutions

Do we have a list of partners currently working on VSPEX?

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Re: T2 Systems using EMC Solutions

Hi Angel,

I dont know of one off hand, but it looks like you might be able to find some helpful insight at the VSPEX community:  VSPEX

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Re: T2 Systems using EMC Solutions


Nice job on the two column doc. Looks perfect.



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Re: T2 Systems using EMC Solutions

Great use case.. Need to share this with my customers..Especially the FAST story and performance details

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Re: T2 Systems using EMC Solutions


Did a little digging and thanks to our friends in the VSPEX world, I have an answer.

Since there are 1700 of VSPEX partners you need to tighten the scope of the search.  You can do that using EMC's partner locator by:

  1. 1. Going to http://emc.force.com/PartnerFinder
  2. 2. Then select “Show Advanced Search”
  3. 3. In the advanced section, go to the “Partner Programs” filed and scroll down to “VSPEX”.
  4. 4. Click search – it will tell you the search result returned are too large – so you’ll need to select  a few more parameters. Add a country or a location to further limit your return.

Hope this helps!