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VxRack vs Exadata

VCE Unveils VxRack: Industry's First Hyper-Converged Rackscale System Delivers Massive Scale Out Inf...

VCE's VxRack System provides a scalable architecture that can support multi hypervisors ,KVM and bare metal deployments, allowing enterprises and service providers to consolidate virtualized, cloud native applications and emerging databases onto a shared infrastructure platform. It is also fully integrated with VMware stack based on VMware’s EVO:RACK technology and VMware Virtual SAN. Since the VxRack is completely modular, it will bring pricing improvements with high degree of flexibility.

Looking into all the positives of the current release(4th may,2015) of VxRACK  , I would like to know if this Hyper-Converged Rackscale system can be a better alternative or superior to Oracle Exadata X5 Generation ?

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