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Xtremio AIX and ASM

My customer asks.. "do you know if Xtremio supports Oracle ASM running on AIX? Is there a white paper about this? Only found one for Linux."

I responded to him that Xtremio ESSM shows AIX and Oracle support. He is still concerned with ASM support/configuration. Is there a whitepaper resource that details ASM config/best practices for AIX and Xtremio?

Thanks for any and all input!   

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Re: Xtremio AIX and ASM


I am not sure if there is an explicit white paper or document on AIX with ASM like that white paper on Linux, however it is supported as you state and some of those DB-specific best practices in the Linux doc can apply to AIX as well (outside any OS settings obviously). There is another white paper ( that have some BP's in it as well for ASM (outside of the Linux config). I have used these as a combined effort for my customers before. Also, not sure this applies, but in terms of showing support the AppSync support matrix has support for AIX, ASM, and XtremIO in it - so showing those all together can be assumed by the customer that if AppSync supports it to automate the capabilities then a stand-alone setup outside of AppSync is supported - its a little stretch but just trying to think of ways to explicitly show the support since there isn't a white paper on AIX and ASM specifically.