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11g Blade power questions

I am trying to create a blade solution based off the M610 and M710 blades that will fit into a customers power envelope.

Can you help me determine the kW/hr of an M1000e enclosure configured with 16 M610's and 8 M710's equipped as follows:

M610 - 1CPU (L5520), 6GB RAM(3x2), 2x146GB 10k,
- 1CPU (L5520), 12GB RAM3x4), 2x146GB 10k,
M710 - 2CPU(L5520), 12GB RAM(6x2), 4x146GB 10k
-2CPU(L5520), 24GB RAM(6x4), 4x146GB 10k,

The Chassis for all 4 examples should have redundant power(6 PS's), 2 pairs Eth switches (4 total) and 2x CMC.

Thanks for your help!
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Kong Yang
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RE: 11g Blade power questions

The current Dell energy planning tools are available at:
This webpage has the Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor, which includes the R610, R710, and T710; and the Dell Data Center Capacity Planner. But both tools do not include the M610 and M710 as server options at the moment. Eventually, the Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor will include the M610/M710.

In the interim, I have asked the Data Center Cooling technologists to chime in and share their thoughts and expertise.


KongY @ Dell Tech Center
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