Challenge 1 – Reduced Power Consumption ROI with Dell | Intel x86 Base

We compiled a list of the biggest issues IT professionals face every day and we need the community’s help. Your free time is limited, we know, but we will learn from each other – and take little mental vacations from the daily grind.

Challenge #1:

Forget about your budgets and think about saving the other green.

Let’s face it, in today’s economy, things are tight. Now more than ever you’re handcuffed by budgets, but what if we took those handcuffs off? If you had an unlimited budget, how much could you save your company on power consumption? Design a solution that saves your company (real-life or fictional) the most power. Here are your constraints:

• Deliver enough performance to meet the needs of your defined workload with:
- A planned 15% year over year growth in processing resource needs over the next 3 years.
- Never loading a singular system beyond 60% utilization.
•Reduce CO¬2 emissions by a minimum of 500,000 lbs.

*Please note that your workload can be real or one that you create.

What’s at stake here? We’ll feature the best solution on the Dell TechCenter and partner sites AND spotlight you as the member of the month. Solutions will be judged by your peers, the group of crazy smart veterans we call the Dell Masters.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got from today (Tuesday, Dec. 1) through December 18 to submit your solution by replying to this post!
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RE: Challenge 1 – Reduced Power Consumption ROI with Dell | Intel x86 Base

Challenge EXTENDED.

We are extending this challenge out past the new year.

Also, to clarify, you can use an EXISTING solution that you have designed. Yes ! .. that's right, you can simply brag about your work and we will bow down in your greatness :-)

Seriously, have fun with it. Have a great weekend, time off, holidays, and all that jazz ... see you after the break.
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