DELL UPS 4200 switch of after 5 Minutes


we've tested our UPS szenario and pulled the plug to see how the UPS will behave.

after exactly 5 Minutes the UPS shut down.

we looked for a entry but could not find one.

where is this beaviour configured?

we tested our second UPS too with the same result.

when they are performing their scheduled selftest they will not shutdown.

The selftest take 15 min without problems

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RE: DELL UPS 4200 switch of after 5 Minutes

Sorry for the delayed response but I don't normally browse this forum. The UPS can be configured several ways. One way is after a loss of power the UPS shuts off in xx minutes. This is how your UPS must be set. Other settings allow you to shut down when there is xx minutes of battery power remaining. Are you using the LCD display to set the UPS, or are you using the software ULNM to set the device. Also do you have a NMC (Network Management Card) installed or not?

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