Dell UPS ULNM and MUMC - Randomly "Communication with the device has failed"


we are running Dell UPS ULNM and MUMC on two different 2012 R2 servers and both randomly show "communication with device has failed" and return to "communication with device is restored" anywhere between 2 and 45s later.

Both the 2012 R2 servers had Windows Network Team Configuration.

On one of the servers we tried disabling on of the NICs in the team and tried different load balancing techniques (Except LACP and static teaming) but we still got the errors.

When we removed the teaming and only used on NIC the server stopped generating these alarms.

Anyone that have had the same issues? We found Another thread with the same issue, but that thread is closed -> http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/f/4475/t/19541003?~aj=true#

BR Robin

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RE: Dell UPS ULNM and MUMC - Randomly "Communication with the device has failed"

Seconded.  Running a 2012 R2 "Monitoring" Server with a 2012 R2 Hyper-V Failover Cluster. 

EDIT:  Just noticed that the Release 3 download has the 1.02 version of the ULNM, not 1.08.  Release 2 has 1.04.  The post here also mentions the problem:



If you go downloads.dell.com and dig up your model, that appears to have the correct version (1.08).  (I don't know if that will fix it or not.)


Using v1.08 (with a USB connection) with Windows Server 2012R2 hypervisors with multiple teams and it's working with one quirk:  with the XML node access parameters I have to use the "admin" account.  Other user names/accounts don't work.  (I can change the password to the admin account, though.)

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