Dell inspirion 3721 fan noise problem


I just bought this laptop and the fan is too loud. I noticed other users had these issues so if someone can tell me what is the solution!

Should I change something in the setings somehow, return it for exchange or send it to service?

Thank you

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Re: Dell inspirion 3721 fan noise problem

Hi cat7,

Fans become loud or have abnormal sounds due to:

  • An out of date BIOS.
  • Obstructions in the fan or vent area.
  • Physical Damage.
  • Dust accumulation in the fan or vent area.
  • Using near a heat source or in a hot environment.

Obstructions in the fan/vent area can be resolved by opening the tower and clearing any obstructions.

Check for proper airflow:

Make sure the computer vents and fans remain clean of dust which can prevent the heat and fresh air to pass through efficiently. Additionally, verify that all fans are spinning correctly without unusual noises.

Also, update BIOS from the below mentioned link:


  • During BIOS update verify that the computer is connected to an AC Adapter.
  • Disconnect any third party peripherals connected to the computer before performing BIOS update. 
  • Do not turn off the computer during the BIOS update.
  • Do not restart the computer during the BIOS update.

Note: Plug your computer to a good, working UPS before you update the BIOS. If you experience a loss of AC power or a significant voltage sag/spike during the BIOS flash, you will

either have to buy a new BIOS chip or buy a new motherboard.

You can also run Diagnostics on the computer (restart the computer by holding the FN and Power button simultaneously.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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