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Energy smart server

Hi Guys,

I have a few questions….

1. Is it possible to run an OpenManage report which will show which servers in my environment are "EnergySmart" machines?

2. The Energy Smart Calculator doesn’t have the option to choose older servers (such as 2650s etc), is there any way I get a calculation based on these older servers?

3. I would like to work out the power savings both in dollars and on C02 emissions for my current server fleet and then work out the energy/cost savings of upgrading these to EnergySmart machines. Is it possible to import the configuration of these servers from OpenManage into the datacentre capacity planner?

2 x 1850s
26 x 1950s
8 x 2650s
3 x 2850s
3 x 2900s
16 x 2950s
6 x 6850s
4 x 700s
4 x 750s
2 x 850s
4 x r200s
2 x r900s


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