Fan Problems

I own a Dell Dimension 2400 Computer and when i go to the start menu
 to put into standby it stalls out so i have to go under the task manager and click standby.
 Well it says Preparing to Standby, and it makes that sound that goes
 " Tick Dooooo " ( the doooo is like it is powering down) but the front light and the 2 fans
 are still on. When i press and hold the power button for 5 seconds it turns off and no noise
 though. Also the monitor i use ( my TV) is off and like you said you can open and close the 
disk drives. Also i thought it was cooling down from a tiring day of faxing and txt doc and emails
, So i left it running and when i woke up it was still on Smiley Sad . I clicked the mouse, pressed the 
keyboard and nothing else but the fan and lights

I refuse to pay $900 to $1500 For a new computer
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