MUMC initiated graceful shutdown of vSphere 5.0 in response to Environment Monitoring Probe (EMP) alarms


I have a Dell UPS 2700/MUMC/vSphere 5.0 environment configured as per the MUMC vSphere integration guide.  Works fine and gracefully shuts down the environment in response to power events.

Is it possible to achieve the same result in response to the UPS Environment Monitoring Probe (EMP) events?  I have configured alarm thresholds and these are received by the MUMC, but I cannot get it to take any action in response to these.  The UPS's themselves can be configured to shut off output when these alarms are triggered, however this is next to useless, as it is the equivalent to pulling a power plug on the environment - precisely the reason we want to avoid by buying UPSs in the first instance.


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