Power Calculation

Got a power configuration question , hope someone can help.
In the datacenter, for a 42U cabinet, put in 20s poweredge 2950 server. Is L5 20 enough? I don't know anything about the power.
The cabinet has 2 power strips, it will be redundant. Not sure if L5 20 will handle it or it will overload, If not L5 20, what will be next one?

I tried the online Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor but it doesn't have poweredge 2950 or older server for me to add it to the rack for calculation.
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Re: Power Calculation

Hi mbworldz,

An L5 20A cable will support an amperage draw of 80% of its listing so 20A*.8 = 16A. If you assume that a loaded PE2950 draws 3A, then you can at most put 5 loaded PE2950 (3A*5= 15A) on that power strip before you overload it.

There are 30A power strips/PDUs but you'll have to check your data center to make sure that your power circuits can support 30A.

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