Rack PDU snmp mibs and monitoring


I want to monitor in nagios/cacti the status of a rack pdu (part number: 450-17123

I am wondering if there are plugins available somewhere or at least where I can find the snmp mibs to know which oids correspond to what? are the snmp mibs available somehow? in support and downloads I can't seem to find the category where the rack pdu are set. 

any help will be enourmous. 

kind regards 

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Re: Rack PDU snmp mibs and monitoring

I am the Dell engineer for Dell branded UPS and rPDUs. There are two versions of our metered and managed rPDUs. One version uses and LED display while the other ises and LCD display. Both versions, and metered & managed, use the same MIB.

450-17123 is an LED display version/. When you download the latest firmware the MIB is part of the download. The link below if for the LED managed rPDU.


If this does not work then eSupport, drivers & downloads, select a product, enterprise, rack infrastructure, dell managed PDU LED.