Ran internal hardware scan, computer will not turn on

I recently had a lower right pop up that looked authentic from my computer for conducting an internal hardware scan (First time this ever showed up). After running through a long list of tests, the screen began to flitter and when the test was over, several items were red. I clicked on one of them for additional info and fix, but was not immediately directed to any source. After turning off my computer and restarting it, there was no power. Same thing happened at a local service store. Is this a virus, hardware malfunction, or power source problem?

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RE: Ran internal hardware scan, computer will not turn on

Hi ,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your query. It could most likely be an issue with the power source module on the system board. Try to drain the flea power and connect only the adapter to start the system. To drain flea power, shut down the system, remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Then connect only the AC adapter and start the system. Check if there are any lights on the system that turn On and stay.

If you get to see the Dell logo screen, run hardware diagnostics and make a note of any error message/codes. To run diagnostics, press F12 on the Dell logo screen. From the One time boot menu, select Diagnostics. Based on the results we will be able to isolate the issue further. It's advisable to try with a good known AC adapter and if the issue persists, the mother board will need to be replaced.

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Satya P
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