Shutdown of Server Powered through Multiple UPS using MUMC


I am looking to use MUMC to power down our ESXi hosts and SAN. The issue I have come up against is that each host has two power supplies, one going to each UPS. 

Using MUMC you assign a power source to the ESXi host and configure the shutdown parameters based on that UPS. It doesn't allow for the possibility there is another UPS being used which may not have become on battery.

Does anyone have a suggestion for this, other than to move each server onto a single UPS.

the other issue I have is if say the SAN (Equalogic) is on UPS1 and hosts are on UPS2, UPS1 might go on to battery and therefore require shutting down. The hosts and VMs would still be running and would have the SAN pulled from underneath them. Not ideal.

Does anyone have a suggestion for that?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Shutdown of Server Powered through Multiple UPS using MUMC

I think what you will have to do is allow the internal primary to fail-over to the secondary supply and then trigger the shutdown on the activity of the secondary supply.  So the primary pwr supply/ups is not configured to shutdown on power failure, just the internal fail-over happens once the battery runs low. The second pwr supply on the second ups then becomes the control for shutdown.  Would that work?

I'm just deploying a 3820i and will have the same type of challenge.  If I think of a solution, or if you get do, let me know.

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