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T320 fans run full and IDRAC fails

Our T320 server suddenly started failing IDRAC initialization and the fans run constantly at full speed.  I found new drivers and bios on dell support but I am having trouble installing the bios.  We are running 64 bit Win Server 2012 (NOT R2).  I downloaded the BIOS_T1C9N_WN64_2.7.0.EXE but when I run it I get a message stating "bios update is not supported using rbu method".  I have done hundreds of BIOS updates on various machines and have never had this issue.  Anyone have an idea?  My goal is to get the bios updated and then try to update open manage.  We currently have OMSA version 8.1.0 installed but I cannot find any settings to control the fans.  If anyone has any suggestions to fix this I would appreciate it greatly.

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You can try updating the server from the lifecycle controller, F10 during post. It is also possible that the iDRAC failure is causing the error and won’t let you update the BIOS. On this system it would be a system board replacement to fix it.


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This is a hidden addiction to this Dell product.
Many have this problem after updating BIOS, etc.
Dell, honestly, should replace the card (or rewrite the ROM) even after the warranty, as the problem is hidden until the update (provided by Dell) or mysteriously reboot.
The cost would be small considering that she would reuse the plates just by re-recording, but it would be very respectful to the consumer.

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Hi, I see some more people have problems with the T320 fan.

We have also problems with it. Fan is running with high speed. But there are no errors in the TSR.

Bios is on 2.9.0 - IDRAC 

Dell T320 Lüfter.jpg

When we replace the fan, the fan does not seem really defective, just dirty. 

What would be the best settings in the fan cooling? Just found this document and this picture:


T320 Fan cooling.jpg


Or is there a "hidden update" like Vacari wrote? How to get this one?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Kerim,


the Picture and Vacari are not correct.


To the Settings:

1st Max Performance makes no sense because then the Fans are turning mostly.

2nd is correct.

3rd Temperature is to low because if you want quiet then you have to set the temperature as high as the CPU could handle it.

4th you should set the RPM % that is Ok for you.



But in my opinion, you have to decide if you want a stable high-performance Server with Fan noise or if you want an unstable low-performance Server with a short Lifetime that is a little bit quieter.


I think you should accept a little bit more noise in your server room and have a longtime running server.


Did you have any further questions?



Regards Martin


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Hi Martin,

thank you for the quick answer. We have to see, the approx. 2000 T320 we have under contract with our customer, are all in an "normal" office under the table. Most of them the Dell warranty has ended begin of the year 2022.

And within one week we had about 8-10 servers now with noisy fans, or just with high RPM and to be honest, a few of them had dust inside, but not all of them. After replacing them, it seems like everything is ok again. Just, when you have a removed fan in the hand, except of dust, they seem working fine. We will now start to clean and test them. Some of the customers in the offices mentioned the noise is just sometimes (approx. each 2nd day, than just few minutes) .. As you can imagine, we are worried now that we have a huge amount of fans that needs to be replaced.

Not easy to get replies from the admins afterwards, as they are in an another country.

So I would like to recommend them the perfect setting for cooling. When I get an actual output, I will post it here.


Kind regards,




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