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restore run diagnostic

Hi Experts
I have blade server M610 , this sever had motherboard problem , I've changed the motherboard to new one but the run diagnostic in new motherbard by F10 seystem service not working .when I click diagnostic option come out error (diag.sig not found) but in the old motherboard I was able to use this option , my question how i can restore diagnostioc function to new motherboard . please your assist ASAP .

Thanks ..
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Kong Yang
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RE: restore run diagnostic

Hi @alwahashi,

The F10 key provides access to the Unified Server Configurator. The diagnostic utilities are embedded on the system. You can use the following download to fix.

The Lifecycle Controller repair package restores embedded tools and utilities in the event of a hardware failure or flash memory corruption.


The install instructions are at that link as well; but I've also pasted it below.

Custom Instructions for USC_1.3.0_Rep_Pack_A00.usc:

1. Download the file (.usc) onto your storage media (USB key or hard drive).

2. Connect to iDRAC on your system using the iDRAC web interface. For more information on the iDRAC, see the iDRAC User's Guide.

3. From the iDRAC web interface, click "Remote Access".

4. Select the "Update" tab, and then browse to the image you downloaded in step 1.

5. Click "Next", and then click "OK" to confirm the upload. Allow the process to complete before you continue to step 6.

6. Reboot your system, and then press the F10 key to enter the Unified Server Configurator interface.

7. Select "Launch Platform Update" to complete the installation of all recommended updates.

Let us know if that fixes your problem.

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