Dell KVM Poweredge 2162DS - No Power status from SIPS?


I just got this brand new from Dell a few weeks ago, set it up and mgrated some of my systems over.

Within a week of actually using it I'm getting No Power status from the SIPS.

It didn't matter what it was, USB or PS/2 it happened on either one.  I have the latest firmware on the SIPS and KVM and the only way it seems to resolve the issue was to unplug or powering down the PC system for a 10 seconds or more then power it back on.  Good thing I have a remote switched rack PDU or I'd be pissed because I work remotely most of the time.

Can someone explain why I would get a No Power status when according to the documentation the power is coming from the KVM?  I have both power plugs connected. If the SIPS are receiving power from the KVM, why does only USB SIPS miss the POST where as PS/2 SIPS do not.

The systems I attached on there are rebooted more often because I have at least 7 models of Dell Optiplexes and Latitudes that we use for our production environment for image testing.   I don't use it every day but when I am testing new images then they would. 

According to the Dell rep they said this usage would fine.

Any insight on how to not get these errors would be appreciated.


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RE: Dell KVM Poweredge 2162DS - No Power status from SIPS?

We are having an amazing amount of problems with the Dell 2162DS and Dell 4322DS KVMs.

The two 2162DS units continually had this false "No Power" signal. Not sure if it is related but the Power LED was illuminated on the SIP. Sometimes unplugging the USB connector and plugging it back in helped, but not always. Some machines never did work with the KVM.

Eventually both of the 2162DS KVMs just died (they no longer would boot the firmware) and Dell replaced them with two 4322DS KVMs.

The first one we installed in a rack with 13 servers, and 3 of the 13 machines continually show this "No Power" status. There is power to the machine. The SIPs power lights are illuminated but the KVM doesn't think they are up. On one of the three the second LED is continually illuminated (this is the one with the "peak" signal waveform icon, whatever that is supposed to indicate). No amount of rebooting, unplugging and reconnecting will get those machines working with the KVM.

Two of the three servers are newer Intel Sandy Bridge servers and one is an older Intel Nehalem server. The same servers work fine with Raritan KVMs.

I don't know if this is a KVM or SIP problem but if someone could offer a suggestion it would be quite helpful!

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