Dell PowerEdge Update CD ISO

Last year I was trouble-shooting a problem with a PowerEdge server with Dell Tech and at one point they gave me a link where I could download an ISO of the Dell PowerEdge Update CD. It was pretty slick to have a CD that identified the needed driver updates on not only the server I was working on but the other 11 I have.


I've looked for updates to this CD on the Dell support site but I've only found references to a few ISO images dated in 2007 or older. Are these CDs only for super special customers or am I just looking in the wrong place?



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Re: Dell PowerEdge Update CD ISO

I think what you are looking for is the Dell Server Updates DVD (SUU). The version I have is 5.5.1 dated 11/20/2008. Look for it in the downloads for your server. There may be a new one now since I downloaded this several weeks ago. I hardly ever use physical CD/DVDs anymore. I use Daemon Tools to just mount the ISO. That takes care of the servers that do not have a DVD drive.

There is also Dell System Build and Update Utility CD (SBU). This is a bootable CD that you can use to flash firmware with. current version is 5.3.0 dated 3/18/2008. This CD can use the SUU DVD to flash your BIOS and other firmware if you have an OS that you cannot update the firmware from. Though booting from this CD and flashing using the DVD is very slow.


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