Dell Server Lifespan Whitepaper

My company has two Dell Servers in use.  I don't have the models handy at this time.  Is there a whitepaper on the expected lifespan or projected MTBF for Dell servers?



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Re: Dell Server Lifespan Whitepaper

I have never seen such a document on Dell's site.

If you're wondering how long you can use a server, for full production I'd recommend that the server be under warranty (Dell offers up to 5 years from the original date of purchase last I checked). If it becomes less critical, warranty is less critical.

There are quite a few posts on these boards from people working with 5-10 year old servers and trying to set them up for home use or less critical setups, so judging from that the Dell servers seem to last a while, but there will obviously be some parts that fail faster/sooner than others. Harddrives for instance tend to fail sooner as they have a lot of moving parts (other than fans and maybe a cdrom there usually are no other moving parts in a server).

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Re: Dell Server Lifespan Whitepaper

 "expected lifespan or projected MTBF for Dell servers?"

expected life span or MTBF are discussions in theory, there is no useful info anywhere which will give you a realistic time frame of a servers life (with the exception of NASA concerning the computers which power the Shuttle). Servers are much like the human body, they can go a minute after power on or  last >17 years, all Dependant on which part dies first. MTBF, if you can find one, is basically useless, only giving a relative idea of the quality of the parts involved over a very short period of testing. Why do you think there are few references to MTBF anymore....just an industry ploy which helped sales for a while...guess the ploy surpassed it MTBF. 


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