Firmware updates with SBUU and SUU

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I have a PE1950 and a PE2950 both fifth generation that are due for firmware updates (BMC, BIOS, raid cards and NIC).  They both have Server 2003 installed on them and are in a production environment.  As i do not wish to shutdown and restart windows 3 times for each machine to install the windows firmware packages, i have decided to use the bootable OM System Build and Update Utillity and System Update Utility disk. 

Before i begin this process i wish to confim that it safe to use OM System Build and Update Utillity with the System Update Utility disk to install firmware updates on machines that already have OSes installed and running.  I know this sounds like a silly question but i would prefer to ask and get a concrete answer than to break something on a production machine.

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Re: Firmware updates with SBUU and SUU

SBUU is older and if you have the CD version of the SUU, it is old too and will not get you to the latest. If you have the DVD verision of the SUU, you can just insert that while the system is in the OS and it will bring up a wizard that will walk you through the updates. Doing it in the OS will also make sure that drivers that need updating get updated too. Here is the link to the DVD SUU if you need it:


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