How to turn off "No CPU Fan Detected" Warnings in BIOS

I initially posted in the "Upgrade Hardware" subthread but got no response.

Is it possible to turn off the "No CPU Fan Detected" warning that pauses the Poweredge 1600SC boot-up? I'm getting the message because the CPU fan for my second processor doesn't connet the 3rd pin (which the motherboard uses to monitor the fan).

The system won't reboot unless you press "F1 to continue" which is ridiculous for a machine that is supposed to be operating as a server. If I get a power failure in the middle of the night and the system reboots my whizz-bang new Dell server will be completely offline until someone comes to work in the morning and presses F1 on the keyboard!!!



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Re: How to turn off "No CPU Fan Detected" Warnings in BIOS

Hi Patrick,

It is not possible to disable the "No CPU Fan Detected" warning. This is a safety feature designed to alert you of a fan failure when you have the Dell OpenManage products installed.

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