PowerEdge R900 E171F PCIE Fatal Error



I've recently installed my PowerEdge R900 server.

Allthough everything seems to be working fine, I'm getting following error on the display:


PowerEdge R900 E171F PCIE Fatal Error B0 D28 F0


I've got 2 Qlogic PCIE HBA modules (model QLE2460) installed on slot 5 and 6 in the server for an EMC storage system with following drivers:

Driver version: STOR Miniport

Firmware version: 4.00.26

Bios version 1.24


Anyone seen this before and knows a resolution?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: PowerEdge R900 E171F PCIE Fatal Error

1.  What operating system are you running?  (W2K3, W2K8..etc)


2.  When does this failure occur (during bootup, runtime..etc)


3.  B0 D28 F0 means Bus 0, Device 28, Function 0, which corresponds to Slot 6 on your system.


(edited original response to add Slot 6 info)







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Re: PowerEdge R900 E171F PCIE Fatal Error

OS: W2K3 enterprise.

Failure occurs during bootup

Found device: 

QLogic Corp - ISP2432-based 4Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA  -- Slot 5


I removed the card from the board and rebooted the system booted normal, no more errors seen. 

After that I reinserted the card in another slot (4), system booted normal.

I thought what the heck??!! and reinserted the card in slot 5.

System booted normal, no more error seen ....   Smiley Surprised


the only thing i can think of was although the card worked properly it was not inserted all the way down.

sensor must have picked it up...


anyway, issue fixed! thanks again for the reply!




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Re: PowerEdge R900 E171F PCIE Fatal Error

Thanks for the followup.  We will take a look at slot 6 here just to make sure there are no issues.


As a separate note, we will be posting a notice on these forum in a week that warns users about Windows Server 2008 installation with a fibre channel HBA in Slot 5. The R900 system may produce a PCIe Fatal Error B0 D1 F0,  STOP Error 124 when installing Windows Server 2008 if a fibre channel HBA is in slot 5.  This is not related to your error, however, just want to give you upfront notice in case you run into this.  The fix for this error will be a hotfix from Microsoft (not a fibre channel issue).

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