0 physical drives -part 2

I have a very similar issue to this person (steeling their txt)

I have a Dell Poweredge 2600, with a PERC 4/Di Raid Controller on it. I have 3 hard drives, all properly inserted into the machine. I want to install Windows 2003 server with RAID 5. I cannot get the Poweredge to detect the physical drives though. Here are ALL the questions I have.
BIOS settings. In the BIOS, there's a section for the Embedded RAID Controller. I can set it to "SCSI Enabled" and then both Channel A and Channel B become SCSI, or I can set it to
"RAID Enabled", which would make Channel A mandatorily set to RAID, while Channel B I can set to either RAID, or SCSI.
Since I want a RAID 5 setup, I choose the RAID enabled BIOS settings, which Channel A set to RAID and Channel B set to SCSI.
I exit the BIOS and save the changes that I've made. When I am prompted to press CTRL + M to configure the adaptor, I do just that. This is how I set up the RAID...
I browse through the following Menus
Configure >> Clear Configuration >> (Clear Configurations?) Yes.
Configure >> New Configuration >> (Proceed?) Yes >> **I press space to select all 6 hard drives that I have, then press Enter to End Arrary** >> F10 to Configure
When I press F10 to Configure, a new window pops up.
Select Configurable Arrays.
I press Spacebar and SPAN 1 pops up. I press F10 to Configure.
Another new window pops up. It looks something like this:
Logical Drive 00
RAID = 5
SIZE 699500MB
So I choose ACCEPT. It prompts me to Save, I say Yes to the save. It says Configuration has been saved, to press any key. I press any key. Now I press ESC to get to the main menu again.
From the main menu, I do the following:
Initialize >> Logical Drive 0 >> (Initialize?) Yes >> Initializing 0%... 100%
Once the drive has been initialized I press ESC to exit this utility. It tells me to reboot the computer. I CTRL + ALT + DEL to reboot.
When it boots up I have the following:

1 Logical Drive detected by Host Adaptor
0 Physical Drives detected by Host Adaptor
1 Logical Drive and 0 Physical Drives handled by BIOS

I cannot boot, it tells me that there is 256mb memory and when I press F1 it tells me there is no Boot device...


Thanks in advance.
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Re: 0 physical drives -part 2

I'm  not sure if I completely understand your question/problem ... if the drives are configured in a RAID array, no "physical drives" will be shown, as the physical drives are combined to create a "logical drive".

If it is showing 256MB of RAM and you have more installed than that, go to the BIOS Setup (F2) and make sure that OS Install Mode is OFF.

Have you already installed the Windows to boot to?  If not, it will not be a "boot device".

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Re: 0 physical drives -part 2

Hola, buenas tardes, tengo el mismo problema que LSYSAMC, 
Espero y lo hayas podido solucionar, me gustaría que me brindara su apoyo. 
no he logrado solucionar ese problema la diferencia que yo tengo 2 discos duros, he realizado la configuración idéntica a como describió y me da como resultado el mismo error.. Gracias  

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