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12G or 13G servers dual port SAS?

Do servers such as R720xd R730 have dual port SAS backplanes? What functionality does that provide, is it only for dual controller redundancy, or can it provide double bandwidth to a single card like the H7xx or H3xx?

Many have said it is only for redundancy, Seagate implies it doubles bandwidth (if you had 2 cards??)-

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Re: 12G or 13G servers dual port SAS?


No, dual channel or single channel expander backplanes do not provide two channels to each disk. I think you are getting SAS and SATA differences mixed up with hardware connectors or controller channels. SAS has redundant pathing, SATA does not have redundant pathing. That is a feature of the SAS specification.

If you have fast disks that are highly utilized then a dual controller configuration may be necessary to avoid performance loss. A single controller on a large backplane, like 24 disks, can cause performance loss if all disks are highly utilized. Using two controllers on a split channel 12/12 backplane will allow for higher performance in highly utilized situations.


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