2x Raid 1 on 1 Controller cable

I have a PowerEdge T110 II with Perc S300 Controller. Connected to Controller 1x SSD Harddrive (C drive) and 2x 1Tb Harddrive (D: Drive) configured with Raid 1.


I want to connect 2x 4Tb harddrives and configure Raid 1 on same controller cable. So then my setup will look like this

1x SSD (C: Drive)

2x 1Tb (D: Drive) Raid 1

2x 4Tb (E: Drive) Raid 1

Will this setup work or do I need to connect harddrives to 2nd Controller cable?

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RE: 2x Raid 1 on 1 Controller cable


Unfortunately the S300 has a hard drive limitation of 2TB, as seen on page 25 of the manual found here. While the S300 can support up to 8 different Virtual Disks, it wouldn't be able to address the 4TB drives in the Raid 1.

Let me know if this helps.

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