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C6100 Intel Raid Controller Update for ICH10R/DO - Bios 1.71 Does Not Update Controller - XS23-TY3

I recently invested in a great used storage solution that can support 6 drives in a Raid 5 configuration. With 2TB each have about 10TB effective, which is almost out of space. The issue I currently have popped up when I decided to upgrade to 5TB drives. They are only recognized as 561.5GB in size. I have updated the bios to 1.71 and the BMC to 1.33 which as far as I can tell are the latest firmware for these XS23-TY3 motherboards. The issue seems to be the outdated controller firmware on the controller which is the - Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.6.0.1007 ICH10R/DO 2003-08. I have seen that there are newer versions of this but how can I update this? The Intel Rapid Storage Technology seems to be loaded on newer mother boards in place of the Matrix Storage Manager using the same ICH10R controller, and allows disks above 2TB to be properly recognized. Is there anyone out there who knows how to update the Intel controller to this newer firmware? 

Thank you!

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