CERC 1.5/6 Drives failing

Do you know any tool that can rescue some data in a 4-disk RAID 5 set?
The set was working fine for 2 months and then 2 disks failed. When the first failed it started to rebuild, but when the second disk failed right after the rebuild process stopped - of course. However after a reboot 3 disks show status 'Optimal' and the disk that crashed first says 'Rebuilding', but it's not and the array has 'Failed' status.
I'm pretty sure these 2 months old Seagate Barracuda disks are not toasted. If there were only a method to rebuild the array signatures on the drives or something...
Any recovery tools around? The card is actually a Adaptec 2610SA I've read, and somewhere on Adaptec.com they say all is not lost if more than one drives fail like this. But I don't know what they mean by that.
If there are multiple drives failed in a RAID 5 array, before any action is undertaken, please phone Adaptec Technical Support in order to discuss with a technician the options available to try to recover the data. In some cases the data can be saved.
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