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Changing Storage Bus Number


I have been trying to install Microsoft Cluster Service on Poweredge 4400 using Server 2003. One of the requirements is that  the shared disk has to be on a different drive than the OS. I have a scsi raid controller with 2 channels using 8 harddisk raided as 2. one on each channel.

Is it possible to change  the storage bus so that each channel is seen as being on a separate storage bus.

Thank you, Vish

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Re: Changing Storage Bus Number

There's the option to buy a daughter card that would split the SCSI bus. This would split the 1 x 8 scsi backplane into 4 + 4 (no other choices), which probably isn't what you were looking for.


Are you just wanting to create a single node cluster (to cluster 2 servers would require external storage space like a PV220S or so)? If so, what do you need the clustering for that you couldn't run on a stand-alone server?

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