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Cloning os on perc h310

I have a T320 with a perc h310 hosting 3 sata drives in a raid5 array. This VD has 2 partitions (OS + data). I recently added 2 ssd drives, and configured them as a separate raid1 VD on the same controller. I would like to clone the OS and move it to the ssd vd, for improved performance. How should I go about doing this?
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Re: Cloning os on perc h310


The H310 controls the virtual disks. The file system, partitions, and operating system are all just data to the controller. Anything that you want to change with the data would not be a controller operation. There is software that can clone disks, partitions, and even virtual disks. I'm not aware of any cloning software we have available.

Also, since you are installing SSDs, I suspect performance is a consideration. I recommend that you reconsider using RAID 5 on a controller without cache. Here is an article on why it is a bad idea to use parity RAID on a cacheless controller. The RAID 5 can cause performance issues across the entire controller. If the controller has to queue I/O to perform parity calculations it will be slowing down all I/O, controller wide.


You can find more information about the controller in the manual.



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