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Compatible disk failing


I have a Dell PowerEdge R510 with PERC H700 RAID Card, and i have bought a 300GB Hitachi HUS156030VLS600.

I saw on a website, that these disk are compatible.

However, the disk are well detected but when i try to make any type of RAID configuration, the disk fail...

Someone have a solution ?

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Re: Compatible disk failing


The drives do indeed appear to be supported on the R510. What I would clarify is what revision the R510 is on for BIOS, iDrac, H700, as well as the drives themselves. If they get far behind or a large enough gap in versions there could be communication issues. 
Let me know what versions you are at currently, if they are really far behind I wouldn't recommend running the latest updates, but instead walk them up to current. 

Let me know.

Chris Hawk

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