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Contagious Enterprise Warranties

I have a PowerEdge T320 which is long out of warranty. However 3.5 years ago I bought in retail a Constellation ES.3  4TB Dell hard disk and installed it on the server. This disk developed a problem and was labeled as problematic by the PERC controller.
I contacted the company that provided the disk since it is well within its stated 5y warranty and I was told the following:
Since the disk was used on this "old" server, it has the same warranty, which is to say none since it is out of warranty
or at best 6 months for the part. And I was told that this is a Dell policy not their own.
I had no idea that some warranties are contagious especially expired ones. I buy in retail a branded hard disk with 5 years
warranty, and installing it on an "old" server nullifies the warranty? Even the minimum legal requirement of 2 years
for the EU?
Since I find all this extremely peculiar I would like to know if this is indeed the case, so that in the future I will just buy off the shelf disks for my hospital servers, which are not susceptible to warranty contagion and retain their warranties in full.

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